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Tami Collaborates With You To:

  • Manage Your Stress Effectively
  • Learn Resilience Skills to Continue to Thrive
  • Improve Your Health Condition & Immune System
  • Improve Your Performance Professionally and Personally
  • Sleep Better & Increase Your Energy Level
  • Live A Happier and Higher Quality Of Life
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Health & Wellness Programs

Health and wellness coaching is an evidence-based approach and skill set that empowers individuals to tap into their inner source of motivation to restore and preserve health and well-being. Tami works to guide you to improve your well-being and performance in life and work by using evidence-based guidelines in fitness, stress management, nutrition, weight management, health risk, and life satisfaction. She will work with you to find healthy lifestyle behaviors that pay off for you NOW and benefits you can FEEL, SEE, TASTE, HEAR, SMELL, and TOUCH

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A Health Coach is not just someone who coaches on nutrition, a Health Coach is someone who inspires aliveness across all areas of someone’s life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Are you experiencing the following symptoms? Difficulty sleeping at night? Fatigue and lack of energy? The reduced mental focus of clarity? Trouble losing weight? Moody, anxious, or depressed?

We have Mastery Health and Life coaches that will help you get back on track with your health to shed excess weight, have more energy, and decrease your stress so you can do more in less time. We specialize in unblocking what keeps you from changing your health habits, helping you heal by creating new healthy habits without deprivation, transforming your thinking to improve your overall health, and supporting you to thrive in your new lifestyle personally and professionally.

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Tami! Thank you for such an engaging and fun topic at the divisional meeting today – I think the group really warmly appreciated it. It was interesting, relevant and funny – just the right note.
Thank you!


I realized after working through my health coaching session today that I have been literally carrying a baby in my belly over 20 years. I know some maybe saying . Well, Coach was the inducer of labor today in my life. I am so thankful for the transformation that is taking place in my life. Thank you Tami! Genies this lady goes deep.... I AM so blessed! #finishing2018strong #genielove #healthybeatifulme

Debbie Eppes, Child Day Care Owner

Thanks to my coach Tami, I have become healthier physically, mentally and spiritually due to the 90-day Health Transformation.
I released 11 pounds and decreased one pant size.
I have increased energy and am able to do whatever I want to do.
I am PAIN-FREE, which enabled me to plan, coordinate and host two large family gatherings which allowed us to get acquainted with younger family members.
My family is making wiser health choices because I shared what I learned and implemented in my life.
I am taking more ME time.
I imagine myself living my new normal and I decide who I want to be. I am worthy of the effort and I am disciplined to completely transform. I am committed to me.
Thank you so much Tami for being on this journey with me.

Debbie Eppes, Child Day Care Owner

Wow! Girl, it's a trip...live changing. It makes you get a grip on yourself. . This is the first coach that has made me pause... and I've had a few of them. Most often it's what I already know, and truth be told at first I was thinking the same thing. But--today, girl, I was like WHAT?!!! All this stuff I think is important (urgent, needs to happen) will wait before my body forces me to wait.

S. Renee Smith Larry, Author and Speaker

I want to introduce you to Tami Gilbert—an amazing and compassionate health coach. Tami has helped me develop healthier habits by guiding me to make deeper connections to the reasons why I want to be healthy. I now realize that I want to be healthier because:
I am a gift to others. There are people out there who need my gift, and I must be in optimum health to deliver what God has gifted me to offer them.
The unhealthy extra “weights” (physical, mental, and emotional) that I have carried no longer serve my ultimate destiny.
I want to serve others with vitality and energetic “presence” without distractions from ill health issues.

Through my weekly one-hour sessions with Tami, I have also been really improving my health.
I have lost 8 lbs. and have kept it off through the recent holidays into the new year. This is huge for me!
And I am still releasing extra weight and keeping it off.
I have doubled my water intake and continue to strive for more intentional water drinking.
I am more motivated to regularly “move my body” (exercise) to retain good mobility.
Thanks to Tami’s health knowledge and expertise, I have become a real fan of her work. Right now, she is offering a free session for friends and family of clients called Release Weight & Double Your Energy Breakthrough Session. I have attached the coupon with her telephone and email contact information. I really think you would find that the session adds great value to your life. I hope you will contact Tami and take advantage of her offer!

Sandra Scott, Author

After getting married, I started gaining unwanted weight and stopped going to the gym. Tami was the compassionate health coach I was looking for. Her keen ear for hearing and addressing my needs helped to identify my blind spot. Then, she gave me the tools and strategies I needed to develop habits to achieve my goals. With Tami’s help, I started working out again (3 days a week), doubled my water intake, reduced my sugar intake by 80 percent and lost weight.

S. Renee, Nationally Recognized Self-Esteem, Branding & Communications Expert, Speaker, Coach and Author

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