Webinar or On-Site Presentation

Secure Your Oxygen Mask First:

The Art of Self-Care

Say YES to Your Self-Care

You’ve heard the airline safety speech hundreds of times.

But are you really listening?

As healthcare providers, we tend to take care of others with little care for ourselves, but we cannot continue caring for others effectively and passionately without first caring for ourselves. 

Healthcare professionals often struggle with burnout and depression, as well as substance abuse. This leads to asking the question: What are we as healthcare professionals doing to practice self-care and wellness? Sadly, some of us put aside our health promotion and disease prevention practices.

In this on-site presentation, your staff will accomplish the following objectives.

  • How to be mindful of self-care
  • Understand the importance of  optimal health for ourselves as healthcare providers
  • Discover action steps that lead to optimal health for ourselves
  • Turn those action steps into lifetime habits

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Cost: $29.97

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