Career CPR – How to Thrive in Any Workplace Environment


Many people struggle to find a job and career path that inspires them and provides the happiness and motivation necessary to succeed in a meaningful, purposeful way.

Career CPR: How to Thrive in Any Workplace Environment offers ways for you to take charge of creating your own happiness and satisfaction in your career.

Get tips on how to take care of yourself first – nutritionally, mentally, and physically – to increase overall life satisfaction. In this book, you will also discover effective ways to respond to different personalities and overcome tricky workplace situations.

This book will empower you to succeed, increase your job satisfaction, and help you maintain work-life balance. And, best of all, it will help you fall in love all over again with your current job!

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Career CPR: How to Thrive in any Workplace Environment is a nonfiction business/occupational behavior book written by Tami Gilbert. Gilbert is an RN, a Certified Health/Life Coach and has been called a Master Habit Changer. She is also a motivational speaker concerned with helping her audiences lead fulfilling workplace lives. Most people spend the majority of their waking lives in the workplace. While some do work in situations which require little interaction with their fellow workers, most often people work in an environment with others who may play a larger role in one’s life than family members or friends. Who are these people, and how can you navigate your way through the complex social interactions required in most work situations? Gilbert carefully hones in on the different personality types that can be found both in coworkers and bosses, and she gives strategies for successfully working with each of them. She also discusses how to establish a healthy work/life balance and ensure that self-care is a major focus even on the busiest of days.

Jack Magnus

Career CPR: How to Thrive in any Workplace Environment by Tami Gilbert is a short self-help book that explores the psychology of working successfully with others, especially difficult co-workers. In this book, readers find the wisdom to not only survive but thrive in difficult and challenging workplaces. Readers will understand the common types of personalities in the workplace, find tools to handle difficult personalities, determine the factors that contribute to success and satisfaction at work, learn how to create a life-work balance, and a lot more. From working for difficult bosses to finding happiness, to unlocking the power of meditation, the author offers thoughts that will transform the way most of us approach our work.

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