Tami Gilbert Speaking

In addition to personal coaching and workplace education, Tami is available for Professional Conferences, Summits, Professional Women’s Networks, National Women’s Organizations, Professional Women’s Clubs, Colleges, Universities, hospital and healthcare workshops, employee events, and more.


Tami Gilbert is an RN, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author of Career CPR: Meaningful Strategies to Resuscitate or Nurture Your Career.  Her life-changing Career CPR™ workshops are available on-site or in the community.
On-Site Workplace One Hour Workshop:

Managing Stress, Building Resilience: The Imperative of Self-care
Stress isn’t always bad. Short-term stress can motivate you to do your best. However, long-term stress can have dangerous consequences on your health and life. You can protect yourself by learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects. This highly informative workshop offers the most current methods for stress management. 

You will learn how to find the balance between work and play and self-care. 

After the workshop, you will walk away with a better attitude to help you cope with stress – as well as five powerful and effective “In the Moment Stress Reliever techniques.” 

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to: 

* Improve your resiliency to stress

* Fast and easy ways to manage stress 

* Ideas for a quick-fix action plan to relieve your stress 

Join Tami to discover how to effectively manage your stress and live happy at home and work.

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Career CPR Workshop: Avoid Burnout

It is a well-known fact that satisfied patients begin with happy and satisfied employees. This highly informative and interactive workshop helps create a healthy working environment, helping to create engaged leaders and employees. It offers the most current methods for preventing employee burnout and stress management strategies. We teach team building and communication skills, as well as key ways for employees to increase their own value in the workplace. This workshop also demonstrates the Power of the Gift of GAB (GAB = Goals, Attitude, and Behavior) and its positive impact on the work environment. We use relevant examples and stories to help ensure better learning, higher energy and a healthier work environment for your organization.

Improved ROI Workshop – The Engaged and Productive Employee is Key to Your Success

  • Deciphering the differences in Gen X, Gen Y, and the Millennial – What makes them tick and how to motivate, engage and encourage for increased productivity and improved bottom line.
  • Calculations for Employee Combinations/Create the Most Productive Teams – Understanding the needs, personalities, talents, and differences of your employees, will help you create the blueprint for successful business.
  • Employee Retention Tools – Keep the best and brightest plugged in and motivated. Proven Affirmation Techniques – Effectively Address shortcomings and find your employees’ sweet spot.

HCAHPS Score Increase Workshop – Improved Employee Engagement Guarantees Results

  • Put Pep In Your Step – How Smart Nurses avoid burnout and increase their job satisfaction.
  • Communication is Key – Improve the communication between staff and patient, and improve teamwork for HCAHPS Score hike.

Employee Directives Workshop – Find Your Balance and Increase Your Work/Life Enjoyment

  • WORK/LIFE Blend- Finding the Balance between Work and Play for proven stress reduction.
  • The Technology Entrapment- how to unplug? Finding what you enjoy and the space for self-exploration.
  • Organization Tools for the Engaged Employee – Volunteering, and contributing initiatives for career advancement, and job security.
  • The Employee Upside – Decompression Techniques for Job Enjoyment. Avoid Burnout. Build Better Relationships with fellow employees. Teamwork Improvement.

Additional Speaking Topics:

  • Increase Your HCAHPS Score Through Better Employee Engagement
  • Increase Your Bottom Line Through Employee Retention
  • Healthcare Workers: Don’t be Discourage – You Do Make a Difference
  • Goal Setting Strategies that Ensure Your Success in Nursing
  • Don’t Allow Discouragement to Derail You- YOUR Heart & Skills Make All The Difference
  • Don’t Take NO for an Answer- My True Story of Overcoming Impossible Odds
  • Make Your Dream Job a Reality- Discover Your Endless Opportunities in the Field of Nursing

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