What Others are Saying About Tami…

I want to introduce you to Tami Gilbert—an amazing and compassionate health coach. Tami has helped me develop healthier habits by guiding me to make deeper connections to the reasons why I want to be healthy. I now realize that I want to be healthier because:
  • I am a gift to others. There are people out there who need my gift, and I must be in optimum health to deliver what God has gifted me to offer them.
  • The unhealthy extra “weights” (physical, mental, and emotional) that I have carried no longer serve my ultimate destiny.
  • I want to serve others with vitality and energetic “presence” without distractions from ill health issues.
Through my weekly one-hour sessions with Tami, I have also been really improving my health.
  • I have lost 8 lbs. and have kept it off through the recent holidays into the new year. This is huge for me!
  • And I am still releasing extra weight and keeping it off.
  • I have doubled my water intake and continue to strive for more intentional water drinking.
  • I am more motivated to regularly “move my body” (exercise) to retain good mobility.
Thanks to Tami’s health knowledge and expertise, I have become a real fan of her work. Right now, she is offering a free session for friends and family of clients called Release Weight & Double Your Energy Breakthrough Session. I have attached the coupon with her telephone and email contact information. I really think you would find that the session adds great value to your life. I hope you will contact Tami and take advantage of her offer!

Sandra Scott, Author

After getting married, I started gaining unwanted weight and stopped going to the gym. Tami was the compassionate health coach I was looking for. Her keen ear for hearing and addressing my needs helped to identify my blind spot. Then, she gave me the tools and strategies I needed to develop habits to achieve my goals. With Tami’s help, I started working out again (3 days a week), doubled my water intake, reduced my sugar intake by 80 percent and lost weight.

S. Renee, Nationally Recognized Self-Esteem, Branding & Communications Expert, Speaker, Coach and Author

Tami! Thank you for such an engaging and fun topic at the divisional meeting today – I think the group really warmly appreciated it. It was interesting, relevant and funny – just the right note. Thank you!

C. B.

I realized after working through my health coaching session today that I have been literally carrying a baby in my belly over 20 years. I know some maybe saying 😶🤔. Well, Coach Tami Gilbert was the inducer of labor today in my life. I am so thankful for the transformation that is taking place in my life. Thank you Tami!😚Genies this lady goes deep.... I AM so blessed! #finishing2018strong #genielove #healthybeatifulme

Debbie Eppes, Child Day Care Owner

Thanks to my coach Tami, I have become healthier physically, mentally and spiritually due to the 90-day Health Transformation.
  • I released 11 pounds and decreased one pant size.
  • I have increased energy and am able to do whatever I want to do.
  • I am PAIN-FREE, which enabled me to plan, coordinate and host two large family gatherings which allowed us to get acquainted with younger family members.
  • My family is making wiser health choices because I shared what I learned and implemented in my life.
  • I am taking more ME time.
I imagine myself living my new normal and I decide who I want to be. I am worthy of the effort and I am disciplined to completely transform. I am committed to me. Thank you so much Tami for being on this journey with me.

Debbie Eppes, Child Day Care Owner

Wow! Girl, it's a trip...live changing. It makes you get a grip on yourself. #atruegift . This is the first coach that has made me pause... and I've had a few of them. Most often it's what I already know, and truth be told at first I was thinking the same thing. But--today, girl, I was like WHAT?!!! All this stuff I think is important (urgent, needs to happen) will wait before my body forces me to wait.

S. Renee Smith Larry, Author and Speaker