Courage To Persevere (Digital Edition)


Courage To Persevere Digital Edition

A story of Struggle, Survival, and Triumph

An inspiring story of one woman’s journey from an abandoned, impoverished childhood in Nigeria to a self- created rewarding new life in America.

Courage to Persevere raises many issues that women face around the world. In this easy-to-read memoir, author Tami Gilbert shares her experiences of being bullied as a child and adult, in addition to her educational struggles, along with corporate racism encounters with determination to persevere with hope, strength, and courage to succeed and make her dreams a reality; no matter what.

This book’s intention is to let you know that whatever you want is within your reach no matter what life has handed you.

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 When you read Courage to Persevere, you will discover lessons and exercises that will help you:

  • Thrive, despite a painful childhood or dysfunctional family
  • Overcome toxic friendships and become more assertive
  • Handle your wounded inner child that seeks approval from others
  • Prosper in the face of adversity and racism
  • Move beyond your past and create the life you want