Stress Management/Detox/Weight Loss: 90-Day Health Coaching Program

Are you STRESSED OUT? Dealing with HEALTH PROBLEMS such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Digestive Issues or Food Allergies? Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT or create


With the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities, people are more stressed, burnt-out and depressed than ever before. They are finally realizing that what they’ve been doing is no longer working and they are looking for something better. But making change without support and accountability is really difficult.

It’s not that people don’t know what to do, it’s that we’re creatures of habit. Ninety-five percent of our behavior occurs out of habit – either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. That’s why we struggle to make changes that last. Even when the need for change is obvious, and our intentions are strong, we often fall short. Consider this: According to the New York Times, ninety-five percent of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back, and a significant percentage of people gain back more than they had originally lost.

Even following a heart attack, only one in seven patients make any enduring changes around eating or exercise. That’s a problem, and all the diet industry can offer is to “eat fewer calories and exercise more.” If that worked, no one would be overweight.

The problem?

People don’t have support or accountability. Doctors, dietitians and other practitioners don’t have the time or the skills to help people stay motivated and follow-through to get a lasting result. So, people default to their set habits, even when they know these habits make them feel lousy. Without the right support and accountability, this dysfunctional cycle will continue and, in many cases, worse.


I’m Tami Gilbert. I am a Certified Health/Life Coach and Master Habit Changer, and I will help you set goals and stay motivated so you will see RESULTS! When your health is out of whack, it affects your life AND work. Give me 90 Days to Improve Your Health & Revitalize Your Career.

I’ll help you:

  • Change Unhealthy Habits
  • Lose Weight & Keep It Off
  • Manage Stress Effectively
  • Find More Energy
  • Gain Clarity & Set Goals
  • Solve Health Issues (diabetes, heart disease, allergies, digestion)


Let’s talk about your health goals. I’d love to help you set and keep goals. Send me an email at or call at 866.608.4447. 

Coaching Session package includes:

  • 3 Month’s one-on-one coaching with 90 Days program

$1495  Special $1195