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Manage Stress, Build Resilience, Avoid Burnout During COVID-19

Whether you are an essential worker or not, a lot of us are feeling “burnout” right now. Burnout happens when we’re asked to face more daily stress than we can manage. This is more than just having a bad day at the job — it’s about having one bad day after another, a chronic feeling of exhaustion and stress that doesn’t go away.


Workers everywhere, especially essential workers, have been tapping into their extraordinary inner resources to try to pull through the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents who can work from home check emails while trying to put their kids down for a nap or making lunch and juggle constant Zoom calls (as do non-parents). Those working outside the home in essential jobs are often dealing with stressed-out people in public, and the constant worries that they might bring home disease to their family and friends. It’s a balancing act that could lead to burnout. Many of us are in a situation prone to burnout, to begin with, and the pandemic adds to it.



During this interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to manage six aspects of our work that make a workplace prone to burnout
  • How to CollaborateCustomize, and Commit to making a better workplace
  • Ideas for a quick-fix action plan to relieve your stress
  • How to change the way we work to avoid burnout culture

Includes 1 CEU

Cost: $29.97

When: Thursday 9/24/20
Time: 12 pm to 1 pm

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