90-Day Total Health Transformation Services

This is an individualized coaching program designed to help you look and feel your best.

Tired of being tired? Feeling sluggish or less effective with daily tasks? This 90-day intensive help you double your energy to increase productivity and improve your quality of life.

Are you experiencing the following symptoms? Difficulty sleeping at night? Fatigue and lack of energy? Reduced mental focus or clarity? Trouble losing weight? Moody, anxious, or depressed?

We have Mastery Health and Life coaches that will help you get back on track with your health to shed excess weight, have more energy, and decrease your stress so you can do more in less time. We specialize in unblocking what keeps you from changing your health habits, helping you heal by creating new healthy habits without deprivation, transforming your thinking to improve your overall health, and supporting you to thrive in your new lifestyle personally and professionally.
Contact us to:

Discover a plan of action to experience total health transformation
• Discover why you’re stuck and how to get unstuck to have the body and health you want

• Remove the blocks and take powerful action steps toward your desire health

• Get crystal clear on where you are and where you would like to be! Put structures in place to guarantee your inevitable success

“90 Day Total Health Transformation program results in setting up the conditions for inevitable success, discovering the foods that give you the most energy for your unique body type and turning healthy habits into behaviors that last which gives you more energy than perhaps ever before, and that impacts you by experiencing a whole new level of strength, beauty and confidence, and having the energy to create the lifestyle you want, which can include experiencing peak health, deep harmonious relationships, a solid financial foundation, and a fulfilling career. Without this help, what’s at stake for you are feeling exhausted, depleted and disconnected from yourself and everyone around you…with a sick feeling in your gut that you aren’t living the life you are meant to live”

90-Day Total Health Transformation Programs:

  • Weight Loss Protocol
  • Diabetes Protocol
  • Digestion Issues Protocol
  • Adrenal Health Protocol
  • Thyroid Health Protocol
  • Infertility Protocol
  • Heart Disease – High Blood Pressure Protocol
  • Emotional Eating Protocol
  • Mood Health Protocol
  • Hormonal Imbalance Protocol
  • Autoimmune Conditions Protocol

Say YES to Your Health!

  • We help busy professionals* double their energy so they can get more done in less time
  • We help women with digestive problems* lose belly bloat, so they can eat what they want AND still feel comfortable
  • We help new moms*look great naked in as little as 90 days – without dieting, deprivation or military exercise, no matter how much weight they gained during their pregnancy
  • We help women in their 30s* lose those last stubborn 10 pounds so they can fit into their skinny jeans without starving themselves
  • We help men in their 40s* transform their bodies now, so they
    can look and perform better than ever
  • We show women over 50 how to look and feel fabulous, so they can feel young, sexy and alive without
    surgeries, crazy diets or tons of supplements.

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This is a great opportunity to see what it would be like to work with a Health Coach.

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Let’s talk about your health goals. I’d love to help you set and keep goals. Send me an email at Tami@CareerCPRBook.com or call at 866.608.4447. 

Tami Gilbert Program


Tami is an RN, MSN, MBA, Certified Health/Life Coach, and a Master Habit Changer. She helps busy professionals double their energy so they can get more done in less time. She also helps you lose weight without starving, eliminate digestive issues, losing belly bloat, and generally feel healthier and more vibrant.

I’ll help you:

  • Change Unhealthy Habits
  • Lose Weight & Keep It Off
  • Manage Stress Effectively
  • Find More Energy
  • Gain Clarity & Set Goals
  • Solve Health Issues (diabetes, heart disease, allergies, digestion)


Let’s talk about your health goals. I’d love to help you set and keep goals. Send me an email at Tami@CareerCPRBook.com or call at 866.608.4447.

90- Day Total Health Transformation package includes:

The Total Health Transformation 90-Day Intensive!

What’s included in this coaching experience is that it is designed to deliver an extremely high level of accountability, loving support, and the right system, so you make empowered decisions and take bold action toward achieving your goals for your health.

You’ll also see that the Total Health Transformation includes PRIVATE, 12 one-on-one coaching time with me, so you can accelerate your results and have my health, nutrition and lifestyle savvy focused only on YOU. Saying “YES” to this experience means showing up for yourself in a whole new way, mentally, energetically, spiritually and physically.

This is the KEY to achieving everything you want. So is asking for support and being open to new ways of thinking. PLUS, being willing to be challenged to go outside your comfort zone will help you make your Total Health Transformation a reality that much faster.

Your Commitment to The Program Includes:

  • Attending all coaching calls on time and refraining from multi-tasking during calls
  • Being authentic, honest, and speaking up for what you want
  • Letting me know about any personal situations that may interfere with your experience in the program
  • Letting it be okay not to know all the answers
  • Be willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience
  • Being responsible for your own results, which includes proactively asking for support, scheduling coaching calls and using your program benefits
  • Honoring the investment you are making in yourself by handling any situations that may take you away from your experience
  • Being patient with yourself and resting periodically to “catch up”
  • Honoring our relationship by being direct, truthful, and open so we can go farther, faster
  • Celebrating your wins, shifts, achievements, and excitement throughout the program

My Commitment to You Includes:

  • Believing in you and your ability to achieve your vision of success
  • Sharing in-depth information and knowledge with you so you can move forward with your health goals much more quickly than you would on your own
  • Allowing you to be 100% authentic and fully YOU
  • Holding you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way
  • Being in integrity and honest at all times
  • Holding high standards for you and for myself
  • Being kind and patient with your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are
  • Sharing creative action steps, ideas and inspiration without the need to have you “like” them (if you don’t like an action step or an idea that we create, no problem—we’ll create another one or you’ll be inspired to create your own)
  • Laser-coaching you to find solutions to challenges that may come up
  • Coaching you to your highest self and to achieve your highest potential
  • Knowing that there are unlimited possibilities available to you, no matter what any particular situation looks like
  • Caring deeply about you and your success

What You’ll Receive in The Total Transformation:

  • 12 Weekly, Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Me

In these coaching calls, I’ll share curated information and customized coaching exercises that are GUARANTEED to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see the transformation in your body—and your life—FAST.

  • Emergency Email Support Between Sessions

Emergencies come up, right? That’s why you have access to support via email between sessions on business days Monday to Friday. Expect a personal response from me within 24 hours or on the next business day.

  • Customized Done-For-You Materials Such as Checklists, Recipes, Handouts and More

This program doesn’t exist to give you MORE information; it exists to give you CURATED information. What that means is that what you can expect is information that is relevant, practical and actionable, so you can stay out of overwhelming and in action.

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