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Motivational Monday Calls

In this series of 30-minute calls, you’ll learn how to unleash your power within so you can take powerful action consistent with creating the life and career that you desire. Participants will learn to set specific goals for different areas of their life and actionable ways to achieve these goals. Start now to increase your productivity and maximize your performance in both life and career.

MONDAYS @ 9 PM ET / 8 PM CT / 7 PM MT / 6 PM PT

Register Here to Join Us On Next Monday!

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The 2018 Career Bliss Summit

Mission Statement: Through the devotion to her attendees, Tami has created a memorable brand and event series with tremendous prospects for growth beyond Chicago Illinois. Career CPR proprietary list has grown and continue to grow. With the strategic partners, the database has grown and continue to grow. The event will include many powerful speakers to empower, inspire, and uplift all the participants to take actions to move their career to the next level, achieve their career goals and satisfaction. This year’s theme is “Own Your Happiness At Work: Positive Approaches to Work, Career & Life!

2018 Summit for Attendees & Exhibitors

2018 Summit for Sponsors

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TBA for 2018

Be your best self throughout your life. Be sound in body, mind, and beyond. It’s possible if you get on the right path. Saundra will help you get started. She’s figured out how to make healthy living work for her. And now she’s ready to show you how you can feel better, live longer, and transform your life. A corporate learning professional by trade, Saundra has given presentations to audiences of all sizes. She knows how to deliver a message that hits home. Her talk is guaranteed to motivate you for positive change.


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TBA for 2018

Molly has developed and hosted seven international retreats structured around the empowerment of personal relationships. Her professional experience includes relationship coaching, nursing, public health, and Salsa dancing. Molly is bilingual and has traveled to 15 countries. She brings the best of her energy and expertise to every event. She uses humor and movement to engage her audience. She understands the importance and connection of biology, physiology, and psychology behind strong and healthy relationships. She educates and interacts with you to build self-awareness, self-care, and communication skills.

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Tami Gilbert: Work-Life Balance

This action-oriented presentation empowers people to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals in the workplace. She will help identify barriers, visualize and verbalize desired success, create actionable goals, and identify an accountability partner to support you. Sabrina Smith is passionate Leader, Trainer, and Speaker. She has spent the last 20 years of her career in leadership and training positions in both the corporate arena and non-profit organizations. She believes people perform best when they have the knowledge, tools, and support to accomplish their daily tasks in the marketplace and the home.

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