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Balanced Self-Care For Professionals Webinar

Presenter - Tami Gilbert
Tami Gilbert - Presenter
Tracy Crockett - Presenter
Tracy Crockett - Presenter

Balanced Self-Care For Professionals – 1 CEU Webinar

When: TBD

Time: 12:00pm Central Time

In this webinar, we will take a look at self-care and define what that truly means. We will discuss what it means to take care of your whole self: mind, body, and soul to improve your health. We believe that you are the key component in providing what is needed to maintain your whole self.

Taking care of yourself involves knowing who you are and recognizing your limitations in your private and professional life. Know when enough is enough and when you need to set limits on your commitments.

As professionals. we often want to give more of ourselves than we physically and emotionally have; therefore, it is important that you take care of YOU first. Taking care of you first ensures that personal and professional duties will not jeopardize your overall health.

Without providing for the mind, body, and soul, you rob yourself of proper Self-Care.

Cost: $29.97

Space is limited

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