5 Reasons Why You Won’t Achieve Your 2017 Goals…

Most people will fail to reach their goals in 2017 NOT because of what they know, but because of what they don’t know.

Per Forbes magazine, only 8% of people reach their New Year’s resolution goals.

You already know the consequences of not having goals. You become unmotivated and feel like you don’t have a purpose – ending up anywhere, which is where some of you may be right now. But not for long…

Avoiding these mistakes on the front-end will lead you to success on the backend.

Here are 5 most common mistakes people make when trying to achieve their goals:

Mistake #1 – IT’S NOT YOUR GOAL

Your goals need to come from YOUR heart. Without feeling the limitations of your past experiences or failures, get clear on what you want. Everyone else who you’ve tried to impress or live for in the past is not invited to this party. This is your time to dance. It’s your time to hear and respond to your own voice… No one else’s.

By listening to your own voice and setting a goal in alignment with your desires will drive you to fulfill your goal. It’s difficult for you to achieve someone else’s vision, but it becomes second nature when the goal is your own.

Mistake #2 – YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN 

I am a big believer in the saying, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

If your goal is to land your dream job that’s fantastic, however, how are you actually going to achieve it?

You need to map your way towards your goal and with as much clarity as you can. Breaking your goals into smaller steps is essential for helping you track your progress. In addition, from a psychological point of view, breaking down your goals helps to motivate you and ensure that your goals are both realistic and attainable.


Having a coach that will support you and hold you accountable is important. A coach that will have regular phone calls or meetings in person to go over your action plans, your progress, and work with you through obstacles to achieve your goals.

It is also important to have people that believe in your goal and can motivate you along your journey to achieving your dreams.


When you are acting with a purpose, things may go wrong, you may have a break down. That’s a fact of life. When something comes up, you may get distracted, overwhelm, frustrated, and even discouraged, that’s human.

It important however, that you ask yourself, how did I get here? Who do you hold accountable for your circumstances? Can you take responsibility for what went wrong?

If you own up to getting distracted or going down a path that you know would not lead you to the goal, take responsibility. As you continue toward your goal, you’ll become more focused and resourceful knowing that you have full control over the attainment of your goal.


Without taking action you won’t get anywhere. Taking action is the most important part of any goal. Even if you take action and you don’t get to where you want to be, you can learn from your experience.

Reflect and ask yourself the question ‘Why am I not getting the results that I want to achieve?’ These are items that you can discuss with your coach if you are working with one. Taking action not only progresses you towards your goals, but it also helps you learn from your mistakes.

Taking action, learning from your mistakes and be persistence are the keys to reaching your goals.

Knowing these common mistakes and how to avoid them will surely change the way you look at achieving your goals. However, this alone is not enough.

Not only do you have to know what NOT to do, but you also must make some positive behavioral and mindset changes to live the happy and successful live that you desire.

After all, if achieving goals were that easy, everyone would be living a successful and happy life.

Tami Gilbert is an RN, MSN, MBA, Presenter/Speaker and Author of Career CPR: Meaningful Strategies to Resuscitate or Nurture Your Career and Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story Of Struggle, Survival, and Triumph. She helps healthcare facilities increase patient satisfaction through better employee engagement and employee retention. She holds workshop activities to increase employee job satisfaction. Her perseverance and tenacity is a true story of life-changing courage which Tami shares with others to inspire, encourage, edify and embolden them toward a life of fulfillment and contentment.  “Anything is possible- if you believe,” is Tami Gilbert’s call to action.

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